Canvas Strainers

We make a line of rigid canvas strainers for the discerning artist or museum. A canvas strainer is a rigid frame which holds an artists canvas under tension, creating a flat paintable surface.

We make, to your specifications, museum quality canvas strainers for your artwork. The canvas strainers pictured are made of soft maple. We will do them as your specification requires; we can face them with acid free corrugated board or Corroplast.

We hand-pick each and every piece of wood for our canvas strainers. We ‘sight’ each length of wood to see if it is twisted or warped and carefully inspect the length of wood ‘end-on’ to select straight lengths. When we have chosen what appears to be perfect wood, we lay the wood flat against a level surface to double check. If the length of wood ‘wobbles’ as we try to rock it from side-to-side, we reject it. It’s not flat and therefore, will never make a flat canvas strainer. The secret is all in the wood.

Executed properly, our procedure for fabricating a museum quality canvas strainer creates flat and strong strainers every time. It is time consuming and tedious to make good strainers and it’s understandably a process painters hate to waste time on and we understand the fact that everyone wants to paint on a perfectly flat and square canvas, but few want to spend the time and effort making one.

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