Our team’s specific capabilities and major experiences:


• Historic framing techniques

• Timber framing

• Traditional stucco

• Cabinetmaking/casework

• Antique Furniture Restoration

• Furniture Commissions

• Millwork: Custom and Replica

• Replica windows,  window renovation

• Gilding, Graining, faux finishing

• Finish carpentry

• Log Cabins, complete rebuilds to maintenance.  We use lime daubing.

• Mortar analysis & masonry restoration – We are experienced in the use of lime mortars. We will not use Portland cement with existing lime masonry, except in rare structural exceptions.  (Dominion Traditional Masons and Ashby Masonry are key partners)

• Traditional, historic paints, lime washes and milk paint

• Masonry cleaning

• Roofing, metal (copper, tin and pre painted), wood and slate.

• Tin ceilings

Carpentry restoration – from matching profiles, to Dutchmen, to the use of restoration epoxies

• Plaster and stucco – We recommend interior plaster for the highest quality projects

• Tile – We have sources for handmade and reproduction tiles

• Copper & galvanized gutter, wood gutters

• Paint analysis; stripping

Historic building analysis – study of existing conditions and problems. We have been involved in dating buildings using dendrochronology, which is the use of tree ring dating.

• Dating, conditions, structural, stabilization, moisture problems

• Marquetry, inlay, and veneering, new or restoration

Historic locks and hardware, as well as newer design – We can supply original restored locks, or accurate replication.

• Architectural design and consultation services

Our Statement of Quality

If you select Vintage Building, you’ll get craftsmen unmatched for the superior result we are able to provide.

Meticulous and steadfast, we are unwavering in quality.

Our Specialties

Class A General Contractor

Historic Restoration

Historic Preservation

New Construction

Home Renovation

Millwork-Custom & Replica

Custom Cabinetry

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