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Please get to know us by perusing some of our past projects.  We’ve been in business for over two decades and these are only a few of our construction and renovation projects.  We particularly enjoy historical buildings and complex projects.  Besides private homes, we also work in museums, plantations, mills, railroad stations, and churches.  Our passion is fine quality and traditional craftsmanship.

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commercial historic renovations

Carnegie Library-Washington D.C.

  • Restored wood window sashes from 1903. 
1810 Beehive Brick Kiln NOVA Parks – Lorton, VA

  • Cleaned and repaired, bricks, iron bands, the roof, and rebuilt firebox openings.


James Madison’s Montpelier-Montpelier Station, VA

  • Installed an earthen floor in the lower level of Montpelier made from a traditional mix of clay, sand, and goat hair.
  • Made and applied a linseed oil based paint for the roof of the temple dome, using a recipe found from Williamsburg, VA records.
Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello-Charlottesville, VA

  • Installed plaster in the weaver’s cottage at Thomas Jeffersons’s historic home.
Anderson House / Society of the Cincinnati-Washington D.C.

  • Floor restoration in the ballroom and the French and English Drawing Rooms.  The Anderson house is a gilded age house, and we use tung oil floor restoration systems which do not require sanding, nor sanding on subsequent re-coats.
  • ‘Georgia Suite’ restoration,
  • Cleaned and restored cypress wood panelling
  • Restored panel shutters
  • Historic lock restoration work
  • Built a custom handrail
Belle Grove Plantation-National Trust for Historic Preservation, Middletown, VA

  • Complete restoration of the porches on the north and south faces of the main house.  They were deteriorating due to deferred maintenance, and by using sub-par materials during previous repairs.
Little Oatlands-Leesburg, VA

  • Complete renovation and restoration, under the tax credit program, to a historic house/store at Little Oatlands.
  • kitchen restoration
  • windows restoration
  • complete mechanical replacement
 Sheridan’s Headquarters-Winchester, VA

  • Restoration of the Greek Revival porch, added to the antebellum house.  The 28 inch diameter columns were bearing on failing bases, due to the air flow into the column shafts having been compromised in a previous repair attempt.  The job included structural upgrades, support of the columns while their bases were removed, new mahogany flooring with copper drip edges, and new Spanish Cedar bases to match the existing profiles.
Elijiah White Farmhouse NOVA Parks- Leesburg, VA

  • Structural upgrade to the floor system and stone foundation, of the mid 1800’s structure.  During the job, we were also asked to write a plan for stabilizing and restoring the property, which included selective demolition of later additions, and a restoration and complete mechanical systems upgrade of the original house.
Little Rokeby Carriage House Renovation-Leesburg, VA

  • Renovation of a turn of the century carriage house at ‘Little Rokeby’.
  • Re-milling antique flooring
  • Tile
  • Wainscoting throughout
  • Flagstone kitchen floor
  • Use of antique interior doors and hardware.
 1810 Aldie Mill Restoration NOVA Parks – Aldie, VA

  • Replaced 50 window sashes using a mullion profile believed to be original, based upon remnants found at the neighboring country mill.  As the mill was built in the early 1800’s, the profile of the window millwork is a key part of an accurate restoration.  The windows that we replaced had been done in the 1980s, using improper profiles and poor quality materials, which failed.  The new sashes were made in our Winchester shop, using Spanish Cedar, with traditional mortise and tenon joinery.
1810 Aldie ‘Country’ Mill Restoration NOVA Parks – Aldie, VA

  • Built replica windows
  • Carpentry restoration
  • Complete lime mortar foundation restoration
 18th Century Creel-Nutt House, Virginia Outdoors Foundation-the Plains, VA

  • Built new windows
  • Restored select windows
  • Reproduction of new doors with strap hinges and thumb latch locks
  • New three layer wood roof.  
 Catoctin Creek Distillery, Purcellville, VA

  • Designed and fabricated a large storefront window in a historic brick warehouse.
  • Built 11 foot tall doors to follow the design of the flanking windows, to handle their deliveries.  It was a tax credit job, so we needed to follow the historic detailing of the windows that we were replacing.
1850s Restoration of Vienna Train Station NOVA Parks-Vienna, VA

  • Structural stabilization
1800s Train Station Restoration, Winchester Little Theater – Winchester, VA

  • Restoration of its masonry
  • reproduced and reinstalled missing doors and millwork
  • Structurally upgraded the roof system
Shenandoah National Park – Skyland  (NPS)

  • Restored the 1919 historic cabin at Skyland called Vollmer.  This included a replacement of a wood roof, the restoration of a stone chimney, and interior structural work.
Shenandoah National Park – Big Meadows Cabins

  • Restored five 1930s cabins at Big Meadows, on Skyline Drive.
1850s Mount Hebron Church Restoration-Yellow Springs, WV

  • Lime plaster restoration and replacement. Used traditional milk paint on the plaster.
  • various carpentry repairs around the building.
Restoration of Hopewell Quaker Meeting House

The building is a fascinating stone building constructed with a timber framed roof, erected in two phases, starting in about 1760.

  • Stabilization of 18th century plaster, followed by re-plastering using lime putty and goat hair; the traditional method.
Restoration of 1845 Pleasant Vale Baptist Church-Delaplane, VA

  • Arrested deterioration, by performing a restoration of the exterior pointing, windows, and shutters.  The windows were in an advanced state of deterioration, and we restored them, along with the shutters, in our shop in Winchester.
Restoration of 1850s stone church– Mountville, Va

  • Restoration of an 1851 stone/stucco church, for end use as an office.
  • Structural repairs of the roof timbers, followed by a new wood roof installation.
  • Complete window restoration of the 8 1/2 foot tall double hung windows.
  • Interior restoration including flooring, plaster, selected church pews, and the altar area.
  • Installed a new electric service, radiant heating in the floor, and air conditioning in the attic space.
Lincoln Preservation Foundation, Methodist Episcopal Church- Lincoln, VA
We were hired as consultants to put together a restoration plan for this beautiful Stone Church. It was built after the civil war by black freedmen and the local Quaker community as a church. We are planning a complete restoration of the building
 Restoration of Red Rocks Ruins NOVA Parks- Leesburg, VA

  • Stabilization of 19th century stone farm structure remains – a granary, a well house, and a carriage house.  They are maintained as ruins, and we restored and pointing the stonework, building new wood jambs for the openings, and working to arrest deterioration.
Meadowlark Botanical Gardens NOVA Parks

  • Installed a standing seam roof on a 10 sided gazebo
Stone House Foundation, Steele Brothers Store-Stepehens City, VA

  • Exterior renovation, which included paint stripping.  Our goal was to arrest deterioration, and tighten up the building against further damage.
  • Roof Repair
  • Floor Repair
  • Window Repair
Consult/Study Sixteenth Century Misericords

I participated in the measuring and identification of a set of sixteenth century misericords. We were able to identify two, possibly three, different carvers based on the method of construction and style of the carvings. This study was for documentation purposes for the development of a book being written for the Ripon Cathedral.

historic renovations and modern constructions in private homes

New Pool House, stone retaining walls, patios, a pergola with an outdoor kitchen, gazebo, and a  swimming pool 

  • Built a pool house. The pool house is set into a hillside, with its construction being reinforced concrete, steel, and wood framing.  It has been faced with brick.  It is traditional in design, by David Ganse, a local architect.  He uses very old school construction methods, which agree with our sensibilities.
  • Built a breezeway, patios and retaining walls for a private home The walls are all reinforced concrete, with 8” stone shelves, and faced with solid stone.
  • Built a pergola with a kitchen underneath
  • Built gazebo
New Shingle Style Addition on an 18th century barn turned into a house.  

  • Added an addition designed by Rob Hale, of a Lutyens design
  • shingle style
  • tile roof
  • copper guttering
  • many complex and interesting details.
Restoration of late 1700s log cabin

  • Preserved an early log cabin by raising it, and re-building its stone foundation.  We used lime mortar for all of the daubing replacement, after repairing the log rot.
  • Kitchen renovation in this beautiful Federal house. The kitchen was a complete renovation, replace our traditional cabinetry, with inset doors and drawers, topped with Carrera marble counters.
  • Shutter replacement and repair
  • Porch renovations, lime mortar tidying, mechanical system upgrades, etc
Log Cabin Restoration 

  • Restored the exterior of a log cabin.
  • Dealt with rot repair using epoxies
  • Re chinked/daubed the exterior to replace the damaged Portland cement
  • Used historic lime mortar
1740 ‘The Old Mansion’ -Bowling Green, VA
This job consisted of an ongoing project on ‘The Old Mansion’, located in Bowling Green. Dendrochronology was performed by an English company, and the date of the house was determined to be 1740. It is a fascinating house in that much of its original details have been retained.

  • Preserved and restored window components,
  • Installation of Allied storm windows.
  • Rot repair
  • Structural repairs
  • Flooring repairs using reclaimed heart pine
  • Replaced the basement windows and jambs
  • Some masonry repairs using wood burned lime mortar
  • Added a kitchen
  • Many other projects.
Late 1700s  Federal House Renovation and Log Cabin Preservation

  • Complete kitchen renovation
  • built traditional kitchen cabinetry
  • Inset doors and drawers
  • Carrera marble counters
  • Shutter replacement and repair
  • Porch renovation
  • Lime mortar tidying
  • Mechanical system upgrades
  • Preserved log cabin
  • Raised log cabin
  • Re-built cabin’s stone foundation
  • Repaired log rot
  • Used lime mortar for all daubing replacement
1800s stone house renovation with late 1700s log cabin restoration. 

The job goal was to preserve the house, and restore its features back to the period of construction.

  • Complete house renovation included the reconstruction of the 3rd story dormers, attic, foyer,
  • Addition of new entry
  • reconstruction of 45 foot long porch along the front of the house
  • Restoration of the log cabin,
  • New roof, and re-pointing of all stonework to match the original.
1820s Restoration and Addition

  • Complete renovation and restoration, under the tax credit program, to a 6,000 square foot historic brick home.
  • Added an addition to match the existing architecture.
  • Restored original windows
  • Made reproduction windows for back sections
  • Replicated original trim details.
1850s Home Renovation-Waterford, VA

  • Complete kitchen and bathroom renovation
  • Repair and replacement of some exterior details such as hinged shutters
1800s Highland Home (Built by the family of Robert E. Lee)

  • I was hired as a consultant to write a restoration plan for the home. The house is a beautiful Mansford Victorian home, about 6,000 square feet in size. the mechanical systems need to be brought up to date and there is extensive structural work that needs to be done to the lower story. We performed morter analysis, and found that much of the recent repointing of the old brick foundation was done with Portland cement causing negative side affects.
1895 Stone House Renovation-Winchester, VA

  • Slate roof work
  • Pointing
  • A myriad of millwork and carpentry details
  • A new kitchen
  • Updated the very old mechanical systems.
Home Renovation

  • Designed and renovated mudroom, laundry, and eating area.  We changed the location and setup of the room, and filled the space with oak and distressed finish cabinetry that we built.
  • Built a replica of the front door portico over the side door.
House Renovation-Winchester, VA

  • Whole house renovation. The job included a complete gut of the existing frame Victorian house, upgrading all systems, and adding an addition.
House Renovation

  • Renovated 3 bathrooms and 1 laundry room.
  • Steam shower,
  • Custom tile,
  • Custom built windows,
  • Custom built vanities
  • Custom built cabinetry
  • Stone countertops
  • Custom built shutters
  • Water proof paint
Period addition on an early 20th century Victorian home -in Leesburg, VA historic district.

  • Built a ground floor mud room addition
  • Tile floor
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Added a second story bathroom
  • Foundation is matched stone, whitewashed as original
  • Custom run moldings to match the exterior and interior casework
Addition of sunroom-Leesburg, VA historic district

  • Addition of a 15′ x 35′ sunroom
  •  11 doors with transoms filling the exterior walls
  • Custom cabinetry and built in bookshelves
  • Radiant hot water heat in the concrete floor
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Upper level has a flat copper roof overlain with mahogany deck boards
  • 4 custom skylights constructed of mahogany, glass, and copper on the floor above
1930s Arts and Crafts Kitchen renovation

  • Designed and executed a kitchen in a 1930s arts and crafts home, returning the details of the kitchen area that were lost in a prior renovation.
  • Turkish limestone floor set on a mud base, with radiant heating,
  • Oak millwork and panelling
  • Traditional cabinetry
  • Walnut furniture island
  • Carrera marble
  • Soapstone counters.
Kitchen Renovation

  • Complete replacement of the cabinetry in the existing space using custom pecky hickory cabinetry.
  • Inset doors in beaded openings
  • Soapstone countertops and sink
  • Cabinet depth refrigerator
  • Commercial range
Kitchen renovation and a teak pergola-Middleburg, VA

Mid 19th century home and estate

  • Total renovation of an 800 square foot kitchen.
  • Total rewiring/ plumbing
  • New traditional mud-set tile installation
  • New cabinetry
  • Faux finishing
  • Commercial appliances
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Traditional wood trim
  • Constructed a new heart pine spiral staircase
  • Built a teak pergola
1700s Historic Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation-Purcellville, VA

  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Installed radiant heat in the tile floors
  • We built custom heart pine cabinets
  • granite countertops
Kitchen Renovation, Garden shed, basement renovation, porches, patio-Purcellville, VA

  • Complete Kitchen Renovation
  • New tile
  • Built a maple island
  • Granite counter tops
  • Built in bookcases
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Built a custom garden shed
  • Built a porch
  • Added a stone patio
  • Finished their basement to include radiant heat
Attic Renovation

  • Complete renovation of the attic
  • Added a new bathroom
  • Added a turret.  We built the turret on the ground, and set it using a crane.
200 year old heart pine floor renovation/refinishing and porch renovation-Waterford, VA

18th century stone/wood home.

  • Patching of approximately 100 square feet of worn flooring. Since the original boards were hand made, each was tapered in width and of varying thickness. After patching, we hand scraped approximately 250 square feet of floor, including our new patches, and refinished with tung oil. Porch project consisted of re-framing part of existing, and re-flooring entirely with mahogany; finished with boat varnish.
Colonial Porch addition, garage, and built in bookshelves-Lincoln, VA

  • Added a traditional front porch
  • Round fluted columns
  • Bead board ceiling
  • Copper flat roof
  • Mahogany floored upper walk out porch
  • Built a new garage
  • Built custom built in bookshelves
Porch addition, porch renovation, bathroom removal, French door addition-Historic District, Leesburg, VA

Home was built in 1910.

  • Removed an interior bathroom to make an enclosed porch larger, incorporating the bathroom space into the exterior.
  • Added a traditional porch design
  • Mahogany flooring
  • Colonial railing
  • Stone support piers
  • Lattice enclosure beneath.
Porch replica, new windows, and new shutters

  • Re-creation of a porch on a historic brick home, that had been removed in the 70’s.
  • Re-built the porch using old photographs, interpreting sizing and spacing by scaling known details in the pictures.
  • Mahogany flooring
  • Cedar trim and rail details
  • Copper gutters
  • Added and built four new windows for original window openings that had been sealed off
  • Built new exterior and interior shutters


Corn Crib Restoration

  • Structurally repaired and braced a 19th century corn crib.  The job included pulling the frame more vertical, and then installing cross bracing that was hidden to hold it upright and secure, to preserve its long term stability.
Restoration of late 1800s timber frame corn crib barn.

  • Restoration of heavy timbers that were rotted due to grade changes around the barn caused by water flow. We re-made timber frame portions of the frame using new oak timbers to replace the old rotten hand-hewn ones. Most of the oak siding was replaced as well.

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If you select Vintage Building, you’ll get craftsmen unmatched for the superior result we are able to provide.

Meticulous and steadfast, we are unwavering in quality.

Our Specialties

  • Historic Restoration
  • Historic Preservation
  • New Construction
  • Home Renovation
  • Period Carpentry
  • Millwork-Custom & Replica
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Custom Furniture

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