I was recently studying some details of construction in the UK, and I was struck by several things when learning about their interesting and ancient architecture.  First, the usual difference in the use of long lasting materials.  The use of stone as roofing, and clay tiles as sidewall siding.  They don’t use asphalt or wood siding.  Only stone, stucco, brick, or clay tiles, even in their new construction.

Fired clay is one of the longest lasting materials we make, and the use of it as a building material is brilliant.

Recently, we worked on a house here in Virginia that had fired clay roof tiles, and it was made by a company called Ludowici.  We are going to work to start integrating these products in our construction as much as possible.  They are so much cheaper in the long run!

The other striking difference was the very active effort people are making to be more environmentally conscious.  There is less use of plastic, there is robust recycling, choices are being made to avoid the use of natural gas and oil as fuel, and houses are moving more to electric and solar panels for space and water heating.

Images show stone roof tiles and clay siding tiles.

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