This summer we are planning to re-erect a Chinese house in Jefferson County, WV.  Built in 1989, this beautiful house is a traditional Chinese timber frame, with rammed earth exterior walls.  A clay tile roof caps if off.  This interesting house, built with skilled craftsmanship, was located in the Yunnan province where dams were being erected for hydroelectric power.  John Flower, a professor at Sidwell school, decided to save it from being flooded.  Along with an ethnic Bai team, John Flower had the home dismantled piece by piece and shipped to Winchester, Virginia. 

This project is being viewed as an art installation, a cultural exchange, and also a retreat for the Sidwell school.  It will not have heat or air, but will remain as it was in China.  Our partner and boss, John Flower, is a professor at Sidwell school who is specialized in Chinese history and culture.

The final step for the house will involve erecting the timber frame, like an old barn raising.  There will be music, and a large group gathered.  We are hoping that two Chinese master craftsman will join us from Yunnan for that event.

To read more about this house and to watch a documentary visit

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