Renovation and New Construction

Whether we are conducting a complete renovation, or building an addition, our company handles all phases of carpentry from rough framing to finish work, to tile, plasterwork, and specialty roofing. We do this to control quality – if the rough framing is done to a high standard, all of the following steps for which we are responsible will have a better result. We incorporate the knowledge that we have gained in our historical preservation and restoration work in our new construction. We have studied historic materials, and have opinions about the proper way to construct new houses – the answers are in older structures.

From quality materials, to a knowledge of water management with proper flashings and roofing, to high, dry foundations, the mystery of building a top quality house that will last lies in the historic structures around us. Lime mortar, quality bricks, slate, copper, stucco – low maintenance was figured out long ago.

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