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Blending traditional craftsmanship with restoration, renovation, and new construction

our story

Vintage was born out of a love for old buildings and a passion for fine quality and traditional craftsmanship. Over the past two decades, we have had the great pleasure of completing over 45 major construction contracts, and hundreds of smaller historic preservation jobs. We particularly enjoy challenging and complex projects. We take what we have learned from working on countless historical buildings, paying attention to the details that made these buildings long lasting, and integrate this into all of our renovation and construction. Materials are a big part of their success, workmanship is another, and the design and thoughtful execution make a large contribution. Historical preservation of all materials we use and their incorporation in an old building is always seamless and compatible.

we are dedicated to fine quality and traditional craftsmanship

our services

We do one or two major projects at a time, depending on their size. Once we start your job, you can count on a consistent and steady progress toward completion. Restoration, building renovation, historic preservation and period carpentry are all creative, brainstorming tasks. We particularly enjoy and welcome the chance to work with others in our field, such as architects, decorators, and historians. We welcome input, and enjoy the team spirit that is often present when “carpentry research” is underway. We handle large and complex renovation/restoration projects, from the structural to the finish details.  For our new work, we apply the successful details that we have learned from our old, to build structures that will last for generations.

We love what we do, and particularly enjoy and excel at complicated and highly detailed projects. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.       -David Logan

we aren’t just contractors we build relationships to meet your needs.

restoration & preservation

Our company’s roots are found here; we love complexity, and the constant learning inherent in restoration and preservation.

renovation & new construction

Renovation is making changes and updates to structures with quality and care, though not to a historic standard necessarily, but with a focus on quality and longevity.


Kitchens are the most complex room in the house; we particularly enjoy their design and execution.  Bespoke, absolutely.

vintage workshop

From shutters & windows to tables, our team of cabinetmakers can create your vision. We make replica pieces, or designs based upon a particular style or period.

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