This ranks up there with my favorite kinds of projects.  This job entailed the structural upgrades of the oldest (known) house in Stephens City, Virginia.  It is part of the museum called the ‘Stone House Foundation’.  This house is known as the Stone House.

Starting with structural upgrades led by the architecture firm Main Street Architecture in Berryville, we secured the roof system, followed by the exterior gable end restoration work, including new windows, trim, rake boards, siding, and gutters.  The new gutter brackets were custom made in Williamsburg, VA.

The red oak shingles were handmade, and then the installation was led by Frank Stroik, a side lap roofing specialist.  We joined him, installing the shingles using traditional cut nails.  We painted it red, using Ottosson linseed oil paint. The primer for linseed oil paint is 70% raw linseed oil with 30% paint, with the next two coats paint only.  We have had great success with this traditional paint, going back to a similar recipe we used on the temple at Montpelier.
Our goal here was to perfect the details of this roof installation, and to set it up to last for as long as possible.  If this roof is maintained, it will last for perhaps 50 years.
Working with Byron Smith, the executive director of the Stone House Foundation, has been a privilege.  Ken Livingston’s design guidance is impeccable.  The job was abundant with learning opportunities from the varied and knowledgeable contributors.  DL

Stone House Illustration by Joe Gainer

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