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We are a team of artist / craftspeople who love old buildings.  Our focus is on historic buildings and traditional craftsmanship, as well as complex new work. We take great care in choosing appropriate building materials to enhance the buildings on which we work.

We do one or two major projects at a time, depending on their size.  Once we start your job, you can count on a consistent and steady progress toward completion.  Restoration, building renovation, historic preservation and period carpentry are all creative, brainstorming tasks.  We particularly enjoy and welcome the chance to work with others in our field, such as architects, decorators, and historians.  We welcome input, and enjoy the team spirit that is often present when “carpentry research” is underway.  We handle large and complex renovation/restoration projects, from the structural work to the finish details.  For our new work, we apply the successful details that we have learned from our older projects to build structures that will last for generations.

Our building methods are distinct.  Other than specialty subcontractors, most of the work will be done by Vintage employees, and not by outside sub-contractors.  We pride ourselves on employing skilled people who care about the work; we employ artisans.   

We love what we do, and particularly enjoy and excel at complicated and highly detailed projects.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.       -DL

About Our Team

Our carpenters and cabinetmakers are professionals who do this work for the love of the trade, old buildings, and challenging and unique projects. We have a very skilled team, consisting of craftsmen and in-house cabinetmakers in Winchester, VA.

Mark Brewer, University of Arkansas.  He almost became an english teacher, but decided that he wanted to pursue a career of carpentry outdoors.  William Boyd III, a drywaller by trade is also a detailed carpenter.   Adam Perkins has added a lot of experience and care to our shop team.  Jasen Kerr a former Marine, has added to our team quality as well as Jeremy Gorman, who also runs his own small business, Gorman Talent Agency.  Nicholas Farmer, majored in finance at Frostburg State University and has proven to be a skilled carpenter.  Sarah Griffis assists in the office and manages our website.  Stacy Chandler, our newest team member is skilled in operations and scheduling.

Each of our team adds to our collective knowledge; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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About David Logan

I started working in my father’s shop space at age 12, when he gave me a jig saw for Christmas, and I pursued that building interest in the following years through school. My family spent several years in Italy, where I marveled at the ancient buildings, some still standing strong after 2000 years.  This experience gave me an appreciation for the roots of design, and I marveled at the age that was possible for well-constructed buildings; I still do!  The quality of the design details allows buildings to last for centuries.

Science was my chosen field, and after getting my biology degree from William & Mary, I worked as a technical adviser/scientist for a large lumber company – Universal Forest Products.

After 5 years as a technical manager/wood scientist, the pull to get back to construction and restoration was strong, and my wonderful boss and mentor was retiring. I was hired by a Virginia-based builder; we built large new homes to look as if they were old. In 1997, I started Vintage Renovation & Construction – now, simply, Vintage Building.  A few years later, my team and I started our cabinetry shop, called Period Woodworking Company – now Vintage Workshop.

I function as a team member, and focus on design and the details.  I love the work that we do, and the constant learning that is inherent in our field.  DL

More information about David and Vintage Building:

Professional Organizations

  • Association for Preservation Technology. This group disseminates technical information pertaining to historic preservation and traditional trades, and traditional, high quality construction details and authentic building renovation.
  • Preservation Trade Network. This gives us resources on which to call while researching specific building renovation challenges, and serves as an ongoing source of education in historic preservation practices. Our team attends a Preservation Trades training session each fall. This is a hands-on time to talk with fellow craftsman about specific problems that we may have encountered, or just time to learn additional skills.
  • Preservation of Historic Winchester, PHW. We are involved in giving technical support and guidance to save Winchester’s historic buildings.

Our Statement of Quality

If you select Vintage Building, you’ll get craftsmen unmatched for the superior result we are able to provide.

Meticulous and steadfast, we are unwavering in quality.

Our Specialties

Class A General Contractor

Historic Restoration

Historic Preservation

New Construction

Home Renovation

Millwork-Custom & Replica

Custom Cabinetry

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