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Historic windows are our passion; we specialize in making replicas, or restoring originals.  The traditional windows Vintage crafts are for the period home.

We are very sorry, but right now we have experienced a high volume of requests.  Our shop is running, but our lead times are longer than usual.

Our windows are made using the finest materials and craftsmanship.  We are able to match any window profile, both sash and jamb.  We can provide technical help in the historic details; we can advise about glass type, size, counterbalance systems, muntin design, and so on, all based upon the particular period.  Being historically sensitive to the period details is important to us for the historical accuracy of your home or storefront.

Our historic designs are all single pane glass, for proper appearance and scale.  Storm windows, both metal and wood, in single strength and insulated, are available.  Shutters for our historic windows are also available, with a variety of hardware.

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With the renewed interest in restoration and quality, historic window replication is becoming more popular.

Window historical background.  Window design has changed slowly over the past years.  Before 1700, all windows were casement, or hinged, until just after 1700 when the first ‘sliding sash’ window was introduced into the colonies.  At that time, glass was limited and not made in a colonies, but imported.  Standard sizes of glass were often 8″ x 10″, 10″ x 12″, or 7″ x 9″; larger sizes could not be made until much later.  During the 1800’s, the muntins, or dividers between the windows, became narrower as the century progressed, and changed in profile. Glass sizes started to increase as well during the middle of the century. This led to a distinct Victorian design in that period. Window manufacturing didn’t change dramatically in my view until the late 1960’s, and since then the changes have been dramatic. Many manufacturers have taken on the attitude of function over form, and now vinyl jamb liners, and even vinyl windows are the standard.  Except for a few companies, there is no impetus to follow historic details. Our custom millwork team can make sashes only, if desired. We typically run our sashes with our antique single end tenoning machine, to produce quality and traditional pinned joints for your project.

The muntin design is often a great way to date a window. The following are typical muntin profiles on the east coast of North America, which we are able to duplicate:

Credit for this research:  James Garvin

  • We provide windows made from mahogany, sapele, walnut, or equivalent rot resistant wood.
  • Our windows come pre-primed and glazed, ready to paint.
  • We can provide historic blown glass, appropriately wavy depending on the period.
  • We will do a site visit to create matched window plans.

Window Options that are available:

Wood Choices for sashes: Mahogany, sapele, or walnut.

Wood choices for sills: mahogany, walnut, Spanish cedar

Counterbalance systems: sash ropes and weights, sash chains and weights, tape balances

Weather-stripping: metal saw kerf-type, compression bronze

Glass: laminated glass (slightly higher R-value) single strength regular, double strength regular, hand blown glass (new), hand blown antique

Design: Standard rectangular, radius top, transoms, bow front

Casings: We can provide our windows with exterior casings of any profile.

Shutters: We can make and install shutters on our windows.

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If you select Vintage Building, you’ll get craftsmen unmatched for the superior result we are able to provide.

Meticulous and steadfast, we are unwavering in quality.

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