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Visiting the Forbidden City in Beijing

Beijing: My visit to China took me into The Forbidden City.  Completed in 1420, it was the seat of Chinese dynastic power for 500 years.  The buildings are beautiful and were constructed with the very best craftsmanship.  My focus turned to the clay tile roofing. ...

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Caring about the spaces we inhabit

About 10 years ago, I took a trip to England to see my former boss, Ian Stalker. One of my goals was to see the construction methods, materials, and architecture used in Yorkshire.  Ian took me to see cathedrals and houses, from Ripon to York, and north to Hadrian’s...

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Re-building a Chinese house

This summer we are planning to re-erect a Chinese house in Jefferson County, WV.  Built in 1989, this beautiful house is a traditional Chinese timber frame, with rammed earth exterior walls.  A clay tile roof caps if off.  This interesting house, built with skilled...

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Why Good Framing Matters

Recent experience with new homes… Recently, we were retained to do finish work for some new home builders in our area.  One was a kitchen project, and the other was a window and door installation.  The typical new construction approach in the US, which is the cheapest...

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Victorian Home Restoration

These historic building restoration jobs are wonderful in that we often work with architects, and sweat the historic details, including hand made nails and historic hardware, hand scraped woodwork, blown window glass, to give just a sampling of our authentic...

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French Wine Table

We designed this lovely wine table based on a traditional French wine table. It is bleached walnut, with a hand rubbed oil finish. This is the first piece of our furniture line launch, with tables and desks to follow. All of our furniture will be solid wood;...

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